Monday, April 16, 2012

MONEY COMETH: Pimping Through Hypnosis and Mind Control.

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  1. As I watched this video footage, my heart cried.
    I can not tell you how many times - during all the years of my salvation - that I have fallen prey to this type of madness.

    It is also true that music is used to sway the congregation into a trance like state to get them more in the "giving mood".

    After about two or three years of this mammon driven madness, the LORD opened my eyes and I realized I was even more in debt than when I first started having my ears tickled by the falsities of the prosperity gospel.

    It is true, no one is truly prospering(monetarily), but the preacher(s).

    Moreover, they use our money to fund their lavish lifestyles as well as to build even bigger buildings to house more gullible people(slaves),like I used to be.

    In truth, it is the god of mammon that these wolves in sheep's clothing preach.

    People of GOD, hear the ye the Word of the ONE true GOD ... AWAKE and come out from amongst them.